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The Climate of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool at the Last Glacial Maximum

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* Endowed Chair in Geophysics
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Grad Student on Expedition to Study the Indian Monsoon and Climate Change

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East Antarctica Melting Could Be Explained By Oceanic Gateways

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NASA Data Peers
into Greenland's Ice Sheet

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Massive Geographic Change May Have Triggered Explosion of Animal Life


East Antarctica Melting Could Be Explained By Oceanic Gateways

UTIG researchers have discovered two seafloor gateways that could allow warm ocean water to reach the base of Totten Glacier, East Antarctica's largest and most rapidly thinning glacier. Read more.

UT JSG Enhances Research Ties With Mexico

A new agreement between The University of Texas at Austin and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) will strengthen collaboration between UT's Jackson School of Geosciences and its counterparts at UNAM in the fields of energy, environment and sustainability. A group of researchers from the JSG's Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) led by director Terry Quinn visited Mexico City last week and met with Mexican scientists from academia, the private sector and public institutions to discuss areas of shared interests such as the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. Find out more.

Earthquake Activity Linked To Injection Wells May Vary By Region

UT scientists Cliff Frohlich (UTIG), Jake Walter (UTIG) and Julia Gale (BEG) have published a new study in the journal Seismological Research Letters that indicates the Williston Basin in north central U.S. produced fewer earthquakes caused by wastewater injection than in Texas, suggesting the link between seismicity and production activities may vary by region. Read more.

UTIG Is Hiring!

UTIG is seeking applicants for a position as a senior research scientist who would serve as the Endowed Chair in Geophysics. We are also seeking applicants for two postdoctoral research positions to study methane hydrates in geological systems.

Winners of the 4th Annual Jackson School Research Symposium

Congratulations to UTIG grad students for their performance at the 4th Annual JSG Research Symposium. Nick Perez won Honorable Mention for Late-Career PhD Best Poster for his work on "Punctuated upper-crustal shortening, exhumation, and basin subsidence during flat-slab subduction in southern Peru." Sasha Montelli won 2nd Place for Late-Caree Masters Best Poster for his work on "Late Quaternary history of Bering Glacier dynamics and sedimentation." Eric Petersen won Honorable Mention for Early-Career Graduate Best Poster for his work on "An ice flow modeling approach to understanding regional and aspect-dependent differences between debris-covered glacier lobes in Deuteronilus and Protonilus Mensae, Mars."