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UTIG at Work on Totten Expedition

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UTIG Research Scientist Aboard NOAA Expedition

Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics of Global Warming

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UTIG Research Scientist Aboard NOAA Expedition

UTIG research scientist, Jamie Austin, is onboard the NOAA vessel Okeanos Explorer on an expedition to conduct exploratory investigations on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and marine life in the Gulf of Mexico basin. Read more...

Exploring the Science Behind Manmade Quakes in Texas

UTIG scientist, Cliff Frohlich, discusses his research on Texas earthquakes and waste water injection wells with KUT. Listen to the KUT broadcast.

UTIG Is Hiring!

UTIG is seeking applicants for a position as a senior research scientist who would serve as the Shell Chair in Geophysics.

Totten Expedition Surveys the Sabrina Coast of East Antarctica

UTIG scientists, Don Blankenship and Sean Gulick, are among the co-PIs of this collaborative effort to study the East Antarctic shelf. Sean, joined by several other UTIG researchers, is onboard the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer. Find out what's going on.

UTIG Students Win JSG Research Symposium Awards

Congratulations to Julie Zurbuchen (2nd place, Undergraduate Best Poster Award for "Imaging Evidence for Hubbard Glacier Advances and Retreats since the Last Glacial Maximum in Disenchantment and Yakutat Bays, Alaska"), Joshua Davis (1st place, Early-Career Graduate Best Poster Award for "A New Tectonic Model for the Breakup of India and East Antarctica"), Michael Cronin (2nd place, Late-Career Masters Best Poster Award for "Core-scale heterogeneity and dual-permeability pore structure in the Barnett Shale"), and Marie Cavitte (1st place, Late-Career PhD Award for "Constraints on transient fast flow at South Pole in the last glacial cycle).