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In support of IUGS/UNESCO IGCP Project 433 (2000-2005) and preserved as a forum for information exchange about the Caribbean Geology and Plate Tectonics

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A major success of the IGCP Project 433 was creating this web site and the egroup to enhance communication and cooperation among Caribbean geoscientists. Therefore, we have decided to keep this site active, to be used as a forum to post contributions to Caribbean Geology and Plate Tectonics, as:
1. News about forthcoming or just published books or papers,
2. Reports of meetings and field trips
3. Links to progress reports of international projects
4. New versions of Caribbean Plate Models
5. Information of general interest about the Caribbean Geology and Plate Tectonics

All information should be sent to Lisa Gahagan.



Please send Lisa Gahagan the references of your contributions to Caribbean geology and plate tectonics to keep building up the Caribbean Bibliography.

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Comments and Questions about this website should be directed to Lisa Gahagan.