UTIG Brown Bag Seminars

UTIG Seminar Schedule


UTIG Brown Bag Seminars
Spring 2014

Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m
1st floor Seminar Room, 1.603


These informal talks are intended as updates on recent research/activities of UTIG scientists and students. Talks are held in the UTIG seminar room (see bottom of page for address). The talks should last approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for discussion.

Don't forget to bring a lunch!



Topic/Title of Talk

05 Feb Shannon Loomis, DGS High-elevation amplification of warming since the Last Glacial Maximum in East Africa: New perspectives from biomarker paleotemperature reconstructions
12 Feb Ian Dalziel, UTIG Searching for the Andes
19 Feb Jake Walter, UTIG Slow slip and megathrust earthquakes: diverse fault slip behaviors observed at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
26 Feb Shuping Chen, DGS Tectonic evolution and extensional folding in Dongpu sag, Bohai bay basin, China
12 Mar Zhigang Peng, Georgia Tech
(Spring Break)
Earthquake interaction from near field to long-range distance
19 Mar Bud Davis, UTIG Mesozoic Indian Ocean Plate Models and Insight into the Breakup of India and Antarctica
26 Mar Kimberly Gilbert, DGS Brine Geochemistry and its Impacts on CO2 Solubility and Dissolution Kinetics: a Laboratory Investigation Simulating Geological Carbon Sequestration Reservoir Conditions
02 Apr Michael Toomey, DGS From Hotspot to Atoll: Evolution of Coral Reef Form
09 Apr Becky Bell, Imperial College Next-generation seismic experiments: wide-angle, multi-azimuth, three-dimensional, full-waveform inversion
16 Apr Joe Levy, UTIG How much ice is there on Mars, really?
23 Apr Sean Gulick, Steffen Saustrup, Rodrigo Fernandez-Vasquez, Bruce Frede rick, David Gwyther - UTIG The Not Totten Expedition in East Antarctica: Exploration, Icebergs, and Penguins
30 Apr Stuart Henrys, GNS Science (New Zealand)  

To give a talk or for more information about the seminar, please contact Enrica Quartini.

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