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UTIG Brown Bag Seminars

UTIG Seminar Schedule


UTIG Brown Bag Seminars
Fall 2015

Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m
1st floor Seminar Room, 1.603


These informal talks are intended as updates on recent research/activities of UTIG scientists and students. Talks are held in the UTIG seminar room (see bottom of page for address). The talks should last approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for discussion.

Don't forget to bring a lunch!

Brownbag Talks



Topic/Title of Talk

09 Sep Kathy Ellins, UTIG "Making Case for Geoscience Education Research: Value and Opportunities"
16 Sep Lucas Beem, UTIG "Subglacial Lake Drainage and Modification to Whillans Ice Stream Stick-slip Cycle"
23 Sep Mark Collins, UTIG "Science and Journalism: Connecting with the Layperson"
30 Sep Laura Lindzey, UTIG "Robots for Science"
07 Oct Michael Erb, UTIG "Impacts of orbital, greenhouse gas, and ice sheet variations on Quaternary climate"
15 Oct -- Thursday Sarah Zedler, UTIG "Observational Tests of an Ocean Turbulence Model"
21 Oct Susan Ellis, GNS Science New Zealand  
28 Oct Cassandra Browne, UTIG  
04 Nov Jake Walter, UTIG  
11 Nov No brownbag Wilderness First Aid/CPR training
18 Nov Stacey Worman, UTIG  
25 Nov No brownbag  
02 Dec Chris Lowery, UTIG  
09 Dec Marc Andre Gutscher, IFREMER, France  

To give a talk or for more information about the seminar, please contact Gail Gutowski.

UTIG (directions)
J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Bldg. 196
10100 Burnet Road (R2200)
Austin TX 78758-4445
Phone: (512) 471-6156; FAX: (512) 471-8844

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