UTIG Brown Bag Seminars

UTIG Seminar Schedule


UTIG Brown Bag Seminars
Fall 2014

Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m
1st floor Seminar Room, 1.603


These informal talks are intended as updates on recent research/activities of UTIG scientists and students. Talks are held in the UTIG seminar room (see bottom of page for address). The talks should last approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for discussion.

Don't forget to bring a lunch!

Brownbag Talks



Topic/Title of Talk

27 Aug Xavier Janson, Charles Kerans, and Chris Zahm - UTIG, BEG Tectono-stratigraphy of the SW Bahamas Bank and Santaren Channel area using the first ever 3D seismic in the Bahamas
03 Sep Fausto Ferraccioli - British Antarctic Survey Ghost mountains in East Antarctica- an open or a shut case?
10 Sep Chad Greene - UTIG Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab
17 Sep Stefano Nerozzi - UTIG Is there any ice under that nice glacier-like rock pile?
24 Sep -- No talk -- -- No talk --
01 Oct Sebastian Ramirez Trying to understand how a forearc basin forms: an example from SW Japan
08 Oct Gail Christeson - UTIG IODP Expedition 352 - Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc Drilling
15 Oct Jacqueline Reber - UTIG  
22 Oct Joe MacGregor - UTIG The Greenland Ice Sheet in Three Dimensions
29 Oct    
05 Nov Eric Petersen - UTIG Debris-Covered Glaciers on Mars: What's the Story There?
12 Nov Mário Araújo - Petrobras S.A. What we see and what the models say about extensional style, crustal thinning and hyper-extension in the Conjugated Margins of South Atlantic
19 Nov Ian Dalziel and Jamie Austin - UTIG Australia: Alien Geoscientists Traverse a Very Ancient World
03 Dec Katherine Ellins - UTIG The Link Between Geoscience and Art

To give a talk or for more information about the seminar, please contact Marie Cavitte.

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