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Outreach at University of Texas Institute for Geophysics

K-12 Educational Outreach at UTIG


Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Over the past 30 years, Science Olympiad has grown from a collection of motivated high school teachers to the nation’s premier team-based science competition for middle and high school students. UTIG staff and students are involved as mentors and supervisors.
TXESS Revolution.

TXESS Revolution

The TeXas Earth and Space Science Revolution (TXESS Revolution) is a professional development program for 8th grade and high school teachers preparing to teach the senior capstone course in Earth and Space Science. The project has served 172 teachers over four years. These teachers hae directly impacted over 21,000 students of which 69% are underrepresented minorities.


GeoFORCE Texas is a summer program that rewards outstanding students from select South Texas Independent School Districts and Houston schools from grades 8-12 with the chance to travel the country, meet inspiring people, and learn about opportunities for careers in the geosciences.


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Water Exploration

Water Exploration is a resource for high school teachers and students. Developed by UTIG and the Texas Water Development Board, it uses an innovative project-based learning approach called the Legacy Cycle model to permit students to conduct research and build an understanding about water science and critical water-related issues.



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Earth and environmental lab science courses for high school students and teachers. Units illustrate a sequence for learning science concepts through data analysis activities, satellite imagery and computer visualizations, and hands-on experiments that illustrate processes of our Earth system. Additionally, labs include the use and development of quantitative skills that enable students to evaluate scientific results for themselves. UTIG collaborated with TERC on the development of the Cryosphere and Earth System Science units. Two more units, Carbon and Weather and Climate, are currently in development.




Ice-bound is a resource for educators and students to learn from and interact with scientists who study glaciers and ice sheets around the world. Click on the 'Teacher Resources' tab for useful polar-themed lesson plans and background information. Go where scientists go via 'Virtual Poles'. Get your students involved by communicating with scientists in the field through the Ice-Bound Blog.


Texas Teachers In the Field.

Texas Teachers In the Field

The Teachers in the Field Project provides K-12 science educators with a first-hand research experience as members of a science team, in field programs headed by UTIG scientists. Field Program PIs along with UTIG Program Manager, Kathy Ellins, prepare teachers for, and guide them through, their own science projects based on the field program in which they participate. This includes data collection, analysis and synthesis, technical writing, and the development of K-12 curriculum resources.