You are going to "visit" Antarctica using Google Earth.  Just click the icons on the map and information popups.

You'll see Antarctic bases, research stations, mountains, volcanoes, and georeferenced data from AGASEA.

You will make measurements of latitude and longitude, determine the distance between two points in Antarctica, plot flight lines, and learn how to georeference information in Google Earth for your own data.

Antarctic Research Sites and web links
AGASEA Data set
AGASEA Data point
Antarctic Bases: more information

Making your way around:
Once you open the GoogleIce file, Google Earth will open and zoom to Antarctica.  Notice in the upper right hand corner is a direction arrow and a magnification bar to help you move around and zoom in to areas of interest.  On the left hand side are layers of data that can be switched on and off.  Don't make an changes to these unless you are instructed to do so by your teacher.
Focus on the black and white circles.  These represent locations where the AGASEA scientists collected data.  Each circle has a specific longitude and latitude.  Click on any black circles  and it will expand into a group of red circles.  Each red circle represents a specific place where data was collected.
If you click on the red circle it will open an aerial photograph taken of the area where the AGASEA data was collected.  If you right click (pc) or ctrl click - get info (mac) you will see the longitude and latatude for the photograph.
Each photograph is georeferenced so that the scientists have a visual record of the area where they collected their data.  Most of these photos show areas of Antarctica that have never been seen or photographed before.
As you zoom in you will see that there are a variety of objects that are also active links.  Click on the objects to learn more.
Click on the snowflake icons and you will lauch information about research areas in Antarctica.  A popup with a link to a website with information about the research will often be given.
Click on the building icons and you will lauch information about research bases in Antarctica.  A popup with the name of the base will be given. For information about the research bases check here.
Click on the mountain icons and you will lauch information about volcanoes in Antarctica.  A popup with a link to a website with information about the volcanoe will often be given.

Learn more about Antarctica!  Visit these sites

Start exploring!
click here to open GoogleIce