About Us

Ice-bound is a resource for educators and students to learn from and interact with scientists who study the polar regions, glaciers and ice sheets around the world. Click on the 'Teacher Resources' tab for useful polar-themed lesson plans and background information. Go where scientists go via 'Virtual Poles'. Get your students involved by communicating with scientists in the field through the Ice-Bound Blog.

Our website is maintained by Dr. Ginny Catania, a glaciologist at the University of Texas at Austin's Institute for Geophysics. Dr. Catania began the site in 1997 as Wired Antarctica during her tenure as a graduate student at the University of Washington. The award-winning Wired Antarctica focused on the experiences of those living and working in Antarctica as well as the science of the southern continent. Ice-Bound expands on the original content by expanding to include information about polar ice sheets, alpine glaciers, and the people who study them. We hope that techers and their students will find our resources useful.

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For more information please contact Dr. Ginny Catania.

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