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UTIG - Chicxulub Cruise

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THE CHICXULUB IMPACT CRATER in Mexico is the largest impact structure on Earth and records one of the most significant events in our planet’s history—an event that may have resulted in the mass extinction of species sixty five million years ago marking the end of the Cretaceous (K) and the start of the Tertiary (T) periods. Burial beneath one kilometer of Tertiary carbonates has preserved the crater in a uniquely pristine condition where it is amenable to detailed investigation by drilling and surface geophysics.

Researching and Mapping the Chicxulub Impact Crater

UTIG researchers Sean Gulick and Gail Christeson, together with colleagues from the U.K. and Mexico will lead a scientific cruise on the R/V Maurice Ewing to collect geophysical data over the offshore portions of the Chicxulub impact crater in early spring 2004. The survey will characterize the site in preparation for future Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) drilling into the crater at two proposed locations in late 2005 or early 2006.

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