Teachers In The Field

Julie Pollard, who teaches 7th and 8th grade science at Watauga Middle School in Watauga, Texas, was selected by Ocean Leadership to participate in an oceanographic research cruise offshore New Zealand on the drillship, the JOIDES Resolution. The cruise is part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and sailed November 4, 2009 - January 4, 2010.

Julie Pollard

Find out more about Julie's adventures on IODP Expedition 317 (Canterbury Basin, NZ). Follow along! Read Julie's blog.

About Teachers in the Field

The Teachers in the Field Project provides K-12 science educators with a first-hand research experience as members of a science team, in field programs headed by UTIG scientists. Field Program PIs along with UTIG Program Manager, Kathy Ellins, prepare teachers for, and guide them through, their own science projects based on the field program in which they participate. This includes data collection, analysis and synthesis, technical writing, and the development of K-12 curriculum resources.

Educational materials that are developed are shared with the K-12 science education community. In addition, teachers make presentations describing their experiences at a national, regional, and state educational and geoscience meetings.

This is a special opportunity for teachers to be fully integrated into the scientific enterprise itself, to engage in scientific research, and to work in a collegial environment with scientists. Through this experience, teachers achieve a deeper understanding of contemporary science and technology.

Please contact Kathy Ellins for more information.

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