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Milo M. Backus, Professor Emeritus

Milo Backus, Professor Emeritus

Milo M. Backus

Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Geological Science

Ph.D., B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1956,1952)

Modern 3D seismic reflection data contains an incredible amount of information. Milo is interested in methods of characterization, extraction, and display of this information. The fluid anomaly signal (angle dependent reflection anomaly and tomographic anomalies) is of particular interest. Synthetic examples of the fluid anomaly signal are illustrated in a simple seismic section and in a more realistic synthetic stratal slice. In real data, Backus attacks the major issues of velocity estimation, estimation of the variable seismic wavelet, handling multiple reflections and converted shear waves, and the application of display, interpretation, and inversion methods. The focus extends from the detection problem in undrilled territory, to the combined use of well data and 3D seismic data for improved reservoir characterization and reservoir monitoring.