Charles S. Jackson, UTIG Research Scientist
Charles S. Jackson, UTIG research scientist

Charles S. Jackson

Research Scientist

Ph.D. University of Chicago (1998)
B.S. Haverford College (1992)

Telephone 512-471-0401
email: charles at
Mailing/Shipping address: link

Charles is interested in the dynamics of a changing climate and how we can gain confidence in model predictions of change given the inherit uncertainites in observational and proxy data and the numerical models of the climate system. Specifically, Charles is working on testing hypotheses concerning the origin of abrupt climate change during the last ice age and quantifying the likelihood that Greenland melt could trigger a similar event in the future. Charles is also working with geophysicists and statisticians to develop tools of stochastic inversion for quantifying uncertainties in inferences from data and/or numerical models. These tools are being applied to quantify sources of uncertainty in general circulation model predictions of global warming. Charles is also engaged in work related to evaluating large-scale processes affecting uncertaintines in regional predictions of change.

Charles is a member of the Jackson School's program in Climate Systems Science. For more information about this program visit the CSS website. For a description of the Institute for Geophysics Climate Program see UTIG Climate Projects. The climate program at UTIG is supported, in part, by the G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation and the National Science Foundation.