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Scotia Arc GPS Project - 2002 Field Work

Collaborative Research:
Scotia Arc GPS Project (SCARP)

2002 Field Work

Location of cruise

UTIG scientists, Fred Taylor and Cliff Frohlich, were on board the Antarctic Research Support Vessel (ARSV) Laurence M. Gould Cruise LMG02-9 in late 2002. LMG02-9 cruised near Antarctica in support of US NSF-sponsored projects IO-194-E of Dr. Brenda Hall, University of Maine-Orono, and GO-080-0 of Dr. Fred Taylor and Dr. Ian Dalziel, University of Texas-Austin.

Publication describing results of the 2002 field work:

  • Taylor, F. W., M. G. Bevis, I. W. D. Dalziel, R. Smalley, C. Frohlich, E. Kendrick, J. Foster, D. A. Phillips, and K. Gudipati, Kinematics and segmentation of the South Shetland Islands-Bransfield basin system, northern Antarctic Peninsula, Geochem., Geophys., Geosyst., 9, Q04035, doi:10.1029/2007GC00183, 2008.


During the cruise, Cliff Frohlich sent home letters describing what happened:
(with scenic photographs)

Nov. 24   At Sea...

Nov. 26   Drake Passage

Nov. 28   Field Work Begins

Nov. 30   Antarctic Sociology

Dec. 03   Palmer Station; Now 50 Knots

Dec. 05   Well-placed Penguin

Dec. 08   Muddling Along

Dec. 11   Windy...

Dec. 16   Elephant Island

Dec. 22   That is all...