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EXperimental EarthScape (XES) 2002

XES 2002 was conducted in the EXperimental EarthScape facility to investigate the effect of multi-frequency base-level cycles on stratigraphic evolution

See more in Kim et al. JSR 2006 »

Fossilized Dynamics

December, 2009 | By: Wonsuck Kim

The Morphodynamics and Quantitative Stratigraphy group at The Jackson School of Geosciences seeks to advance our understanding of stratigraphic responses to sediment transport processes and imposed boundary conditions in depositional basins. The morphodynamics of the sediment-fluid interface are influenced by both depositional mechanics and environmental forcing. Subsurface architecture is a record of the "fossilized" dynamics of this moving boundary. The research interest lies in improving tools for predicting subsurface spatial architecture across a range of scales using an understanding of sediment transport and surface flow dynamics and their time-integrated preservation in depositional systems. Our research group conducts laboratory experiments to study sedimentation over space and time scales that are inaccessible in the field, and use the experimental data to motivate and constrain theoretical models of morphodynamics and depositional patterns. We apply insight gained from physical and mathematical models to field data in order to improve interpretation of paleoenvironments using the stratigraphic record.

Note: Students interested in graduate studies on Fossilized Dynamics at The Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas - Austin are encouraged to contact Wonsuck Kim. Undergraduates interested in research experience and work oppotunities should also contact Wonsuck Kim

Calling All Experimentalists

October, 2012 | By: Wonsuck Kim, Leslie Hsu, Brandon McElroy, & Raleigh Martin

It is the mission of the Sediment Experimentalists to facilitate broad collaborations within the Earth-surface community in order to determine and address our needs as scientists and educators and those of our funding organizations, and promote best practices in experimental methods and in the storage, archiving, and dissemination of experimental data. Join the mailing list.

Calling All Experimentalists Workshop: EarthCube Domain End-User Workshop to Address Community Needs for Sharing and Managing Experimental Data and Techniques: Year 1. Experimental Stratigraphy, December 11-12, 2012, University of Texas at Austin

International Workshop Stratodynamics: The international workshop “Stratodynamics” aims to develop a new research framework for understanding sedimentary processes, geomorphology and genetic stratigraphy on the basis of morphodynamics of earth surface processes. The topics in the workshop will include experimental and theoretical studies of bedforms, geomorphological processes and the genetic stratigraphy: Year 2. Stratodynamics, August 28-30, 2013, Nagasaki University, Japan