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Peter Flemings, UTIG Research Scientist - Student Involvement

Crustal GeoFluids
(GEO 382D)

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Watch the 2013 Crustal GeoFluids Field Trip Presenation

This course provides the technical foundation and physical insight to explore quantitatively how fluids drive fundamental geologic processes in sedimentary basins. Students will characterize pressure and stress in sedimentary basins, explore the origin of overpressure through theory and characterization, and examine how pressure and stress couple. Problems addressed will include how sedimentation generates overpressure, how hydrocarbons are trapped in the subsurface, how mud volcanoes form, how submarine landslides are generated, and the origin of methane hydrates. Students will pursue their own final project and there will be a 4 day field trip to the coast of California to explore the geologic record of fluid-driven processes.

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