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Peter Flemings, UTIG Research Scientist - Student Involvement

Peter Flemings - Student Involvement

UTIG's research scientist, Peter Flemings, is a graduate research advisor or co-advisor to candidates for both masters and doctoral degrees.

Opportunities for Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Scientists
The GeoFluids Research Group has opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral study. If you join our group, you will couple geological observation with quantitative modeling to gain a process understanding of geological processes. I am particularly fascinated with how fluid flow impacts active geological processes (e.g. faulting, gas venting, submarine landslides) and I think that combining the study of geology and fluid flow is a ripe interface for research.  I am most enthused by students who have a commitment to a doctoral program because that allows you time to delve deeply into research. However, I also regularly accept exceptional M.S. students. If you are interested, please please e-mail me, Peter Flemings, (

Current Research Opportunities

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