Peter Flemings, UTIG Research Scientist - Student Involvement

Peter Flemings - Student Involvement

UTIG's research scientist, Peter Flemings, is a graduate research advisor or co-advisor to candidates for both masters and doctoral degrees.

Opportunities for Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Scientists
The GeoFluids Research Group has immediate opportunities for graduate and post-doctoral study. Dr. Flemings is most enthused by students who have a commitment to a doctoral program because that allows time to delve deeply into research. However, he also regularly accepts exceptional M.S. students into our research group. If you are interested, please email, Peter Flemings (

Current Research Opportunities:

  1. Hydrate Melting
  2. Mass Transport in Shales
  3. GeoPressure Analysis
  4. Mudrock Geomechanics

Current Students
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Former Students
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