Understanding ice sheet behavior

Our latest project to subglacial environment in Greenland is underway!

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Glaciology is undergoing great changes as the field gains popularity. Here at the Jackson School of Geosciences (UT-Austin) our glaciology group is focused on understanding ice sheet/glacier changes that arise from both natural and forced variability. Because the type of forcing is difficult to determine, we must focus on examining the basic physical processes that control ice motion and determining the history of ice flow to understand the context of recent changes. We use a suite of techniques to pursue our research interests including ground-based geophysical techniques (radar, GPS, borehole techniques), remote-sensing observations. More recently we have begun to use laboratory-based experiments that allow us to examine glacier processes over space and time scales that are not possible in the field. We work closely with numerical modelers to improve interpretation of our observations.

Note: Students interested in glaciology at the University of Texas - Austin are encouraged to contact Ginny Catania.