ROGUE: Real-time Observations of
reenland's Under-ice Environment

Exploring the controls on basal motion in Greenland to determine how surface hydrology affects ice sheet motion.

Exploring the Subglacial Environment of Greenland

Project Goals: Our goal in this project is to examine the nature and cause of short-term ice velocity changes near Swiss Camp, Greenland. Our work will focus on the interactions between the ice sheet, the atmosphere and the bed through an integrated observational approach which involves borehole geophysics, surface-based GPS and modeling. We propose to: (1) measure changes in the subglacial water system over the summer season using a suite of borehole instrumentation; (2) measure the ice sheet response to changes in basal conditions with surface-based GPS, measured rates of borehole deformation and satellite data; (3) measure englacial and basal temperatures for input into flow models and to constrain estimates of ice deformation and; (4) correlate these data to melt and surface water volume proxies based on remote sensing data, meteorological data available from GC-Net and measured lake volume.

This project is collaborative across two US-based institutions (UT and Dartmouth College), NASA researchers and colleagues at ETH in Switzerland.