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Dr. John Goff

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Goff, J. A., E. M. Powell, D. A. Young, and D. D. Blankenship, Conditional simulation of Thwaites Glacier bed topography for flow models: Incorporating inhomogeneous statistics and channelized morphology, J. Glaciology, (in press), 2014, #2707

Hanna, A. J. M., M. A. Allison, T. S. Bianchi, F. Marcantonio, and J. A. Goff, Late Holocene sedimentation in a high arctic coastal setting: Simpson Lagoon and Colville Delta, Alaska, Continental Shelf Res., 74, 11-24, 2014, #1641

Lobo, F. J., J. A. Goff, I. Mendes, P. Barcenas, L. M. Fernandez-Salas, W. Martin-Rosales, J. Macias, and V. Diaz del Rio, Spatial variability of prodeltaic undulations on the Guadalfeo River prodelta: Support to the genetic interpretation as hyperpycnal flow deposits, Marine Geophysical Researches, (in press), 2014, #2717

Christensen, B., C. R. Alexander, J. A. Goff, J. Turner, and J. A. Austin, The last glacial: Insights from continuous coring on the New Jersey continental shelf, Marine Geol., 335, 78-99, 2013, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2012.10.015, #2542 

Goff, J. A., J. A. Austin, and C. S. Fulthorpe, Reinterpretation of the Franklin "shore" in the Mid-Atlantic Bight as a paleo-shelf edge, Continental Shelf Res., 60, 64-69, 2013, doi:10.1016/j.csr.2013.04.022, #2575

Goff, J. A., J. A. Austin, R. D. Flood, B. Christensen, C. M. Browne, and S. Saustrup, Rapid response survey gauges Sandy's impact on seafloor, Eos, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Un., 37, 337-338, 2013, #2592

Naveira-Garaboto, A. C., A. J. George Nurser, R. B. Scott, and J. A. Goff, The impact of small-scale topography on the dynamical balance of the ocean, J. Phys. Oceanography, 43, 647-668, 2013, doi:10.1175/JPO-D-12-056.1, #2544

Santra, M., J. A. Goff, R. J. Steel, and J. A. Austin, Forced regressive and lowstand Hudson paleo-delta system: Latest Pliocene growth of the outer New Jersey shelf, Marine Geol., 339, 57-70, 2013, doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2013.04.001, #2574

Trossman, D. S., B. K. Arbic, S. T. Garner, J. A. Goff, S. R. Jayne, E. J. Metzger, and A. J. Wallcraft, Impact of parameterized lee wave drag on the energy budget of an eddying global ocean model, Ocean Modelling, 72, 119-142, 2013, #2606

Goff, J. A., and C. S. Duncan, Reexamination of sand ridges on the middle and outer New Jersey shelf based on combined analysis of multibeam bathymetry and backscatter, seafloor grab samples and chirp seismic data, in Sediments, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelves: Advances in Technologies, Research and Applications, edited by M. Z. Li, C. R. Sherwood and P. R. Hill, Inter. Assoc. Sedimentologists Spec. Publ., 44, 121-142, 2012, #2076