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Joseph Levy, UTIG Research Scientist Associate V


photo of Dr. Joseph Levy

Joseph Levy

Research Associate

PhD, Geological Sciences, Brown University, Rhode Island. 2009
ScM, Geological Sciences, Brown University, Rhode Island. 2006
BS, Geophysical Sciences, University Honors, University of Chicago, Illinois. 2004

Telephone: 512.475.6121
email: jlevy at

Dr. Levy's Research Interests
How do cold regions on Earth and Mars record climate history and how will the future evolution of permafrost shape the climate, biosphere, and landscape of these two worlds? My primary research interest is determining how frozen landscapes function under different climate conditions and using that process-based knowledge to determine what they record about the past and how they will drive change in the future. I work on geological, hydrological, and ecological problems in Antarctic permafrost using a wide variety of tools, including autonomous sensor networks, satellite and ground-based remote sensing, and wet chemistry, all synthesized through geospatial information systems (GIS).

My research team is always looking for enthusiastic students who are keen on exploring Earth's polar regions and Mars. I am currently working with several UT undergraduate students on research projects and will be recruiting graduate research associates soon. Feel free to contact me with questions.

I blog about field research, planetary science, and science policy at Cold Dirt.


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