Krista Soderlund, UTIG Research Associate
Krista Soderlund, UTIG Research Associate

Krista Soderlund

Research Associate

PhD, 2011, University of California, Los Angeles
BS, 2005, Florida Institute of Technology

Office number: 2.256
Telephone number: 512-471-0449
email: krista at


UTIG Supervisor: Dr. Don Blankenship

Research Interests: Geophysical fluid dynamics, Cryosphere physics, Planetary physics, Magnetohydrodynamics

Soderlund, K. M., M. H. Heimpel, E. M.King, J. M. Aurnou, Turbulent models of ice giant internal dynamics: Dynamos, heat transfer, and zonal flows, Icarus 224, 97-113, 2013. (link)

Soderlund, K.M., King, E.M., and Aurnou, J.M., The influence of magnetic fields in planetary dynamo models, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., vol. 333-334, p. 9-20. 10.1016/j.epsl.2012.03.038

Schubert, G. and Soderlund, K.M., 2011, Planetary magnetic fields: Observations and models, Phys. Earth Planet Int. 187, 92-108.

King, E.M., Soderlund, K.M., Christensen, U.R., Wicht, J., and Aurnou, J.M., 2010, Convective heat transfer in planetary dynamo models, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 11, Q06016.

Buratti, B.J., Soderlund, K.M., and 9 coauthors, 2006, Infrared (0.83-5.1 μm) Photometry of Phoebe from the Cassini VIMS, Icarus 193, 309-322.

Buratti, B.J., et al., 2005, Cassini VIMS observations of Iapetus: Detection of CO2, ApJ 622, 149-152.