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Terry Quinn, UTIG Director and Research Professor
Terry Quinn, UTIG Director

Dr. Terry Quinn

Director, UTIG
Research Professor, UTIG
Professor, Department of Geological Sciences

Ph.D., Brown University, 1989

Telephone 512-471-0464

Field of Study:
Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, sedimentary geology and geochemistry

About Terry:
Dr. Quinn is the Director of the Institute for Geophysics and the Weeks Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and he teaches classes in Geoclimatology, Marine Geology, and Paleoceanography.

Dr. Quinn's research interests focus on paleoclimate and paleoceanography. Specifically he uses the geochemistry of coral reefs, marine sediments and stalagmites to investigate climate variability in the geologic record. Most recently he and his students have investigated modern and Holocene and Quaternary climate in the western Pacific Ocean, tropical Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Dr. Quinn supervises the Analytical Laboratory for Paleoclimate Studies (ALPS). This facility currently houses two stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers with the capabilities to measure various light stable isotopes in carbonates, waters and organic matter. The lab also contains an inductively coupled plasma-spectrometer (ICP), wet chemistry facilities, student space and coral and stalagmite sampling facilities.