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Scott Kempf

Scott KempfScott Kempf

Senior Software Engineer

Telephone: (512) 471-0482
FAX: (512) 471-8844

Scott's resume

About Scott
Scott's primary work at UTIG has been to provide computer assistance for airborne geophysics. He has been heavily involved in data management from acquisition to archiving, processing, presentation, and distribution. He maintains an online database with data from dozens of instruments covering 250,000 line km, as well as a tape archive containing over a terabyte of radar data. Scott has traveled to Antarctica four times and helped prepare for and remotely assisted many field seasons.

Scott has extensive experience with carrier phase GPS processing, synthetic aperture radar, LIDAR, magnetic and gravity surveying. He has written and maintained a real time acquisition under QNX and has done much data processing by creating his own generalized and specialized C language toolset combined using shell scripts. He is proficient with Gipsy/OASIS, K&RS, Matlab, C, csh, Linux, Solaris, Windows, GMT, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Word. He has a working knowledge of Java, C++, Perl, Python, SQL, and Geosoft's Oasis montaj.

Selected Publications
Blankenship, D. D., D. L. Morse, C. A. Finn, R. E. Bell, M. E. Peters, S. D. Kempf, S. M. Hodge, M. Studinger, J. C. Behrendt, and J. M. Brozena. Geological controls on the initiation of rapid basal motion for West Antarctic ice streams: A geophysical perspective including new airborne radar sounding and laser altimetry results. In Alley, R. B. and R. A. Bindschadler (eds.), The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment, American Geophysical Union, p. 105-121 (2001).

Peters, M.E., D.D. Blankenship, D.L. Morse, J.W. Holt, S.D. Kempf, T.G. Richter, B.O. Falola and S.C. Oliason, 2002, Airborne Radar Sounding and Ice Thickness Measurements over Lake Vostok, East Antarctica, EOS Transactions of the AGU, Spring Meeting Suppl., B22A-05.

Studinger, M., R.E. Bell, G.D. Karner, A.A. Tikku, J.W. Holt, D.L. Morse, T.G. Richter, S.D. Kempf, M.E. Peters, D.D. Blankenship, R.E. Sweeney and V. Rystrom. Ice cover, landscape setting, and geological framework of Lake Vostok, East Antarctica. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 205, no. 3-4, p. 195-210 (2002).

Holt, J. W., T. G. Richter, S. D. Kempf, D. L. Morse, and D. D. Blankenship (2006), Airborne gravity over Lake Vostok and adjacent highlands of East Antarctica, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 7, Q11012, doi:10.1029/2005GC001177.

Holt, J.W., D.D. Blankenship, D.L. Morse, D.A. Young, M.E. Peters, S.D. Kempf, T.G. Richter, D.G. Vaughan, and H.F.J. Corr, New Boundary Conditions for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Subglacial Topography of the Thwaites and Smith Glacier Catchments. Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L09502, doi:10.1029/2005GL025561, 2006.

Holt, J.W., M.E. Peters, S.D. Kempf, D.L. Morse, and D.D. Blankenship, Echo Source Discrimination in Single-Pass Airborne Radar Sounding Data from the Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Implications for Orbital Sounding of Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, E06S24, doi:10.1029/2005JE002525, 2006.

Peters, M.E., D.D. Blankenship, D.E. Smith, J.W., Holt and S.D. Kempf, The Distribution and Classification of Bottom Crevasses from Radar Sounding of a Large Tabular Iceberg, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 4 (1), p. 142-146, doi:10.1109/LGRS.2006.887057, 2007

Peters, M.E., D.D. Blankenship, S.P. Carter, D.A. Young, S.D. Kempf and J.W. Holt, Along-Track Focusing of Airborne Radar Sounding Data From West Antarctica for Improving Basal Reflection Analysis and Layer Detection, IEEE Transactions On Geoscience and Remote Sensing (In Review)