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Sean Gulick, UTIG Research Professor
Sean Gulick, UTIG research scientist, in Alaska.

Sean Gulick

Research Professor

Ph.D., Lehigh University (1999); B.S. University of North Carolina (1993).

Telephone 512-471-0483
email: sean at

Research Interests

  • Tectonic processes, tectonic-climate interactions and geohazards of convergent margins and transitional tectonic environments
  • Role of catastrophism in the geologic record including impact cratering, hurricanes, and tectonic events
  • Marine geophysical imaging at nested resolutions and ground truth through drilling, coring, logging, and submersibles
  • Current Projects
    Current projects that Sean, his students, and colleagues are working on tectonic and climate interactions in the St. Elias Mountains and Surveyor submarine fan (recent papers), geohazards and margin evolution of subduction and transform faulting in Alaska, Sumatra, and Japan (recent papers), and the geologic processes and environmental effects of the Cretaceous-Paleogene Chicxulub meteor impact (recent papers). To test some key hypotheses of how glacial erosion can perturb tectonics in 2013 Sean served as co-chief on the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 341: Southeast Alaska tectonics and climate. In 2014, Sean led the seismic imaging in a multidisciplinary cruise to the unexplored Sabrina Coast shelf in East Antarctica. In 2016, Sean will serve as co-chief science on the joint International Ocean Discovery and Continental Drilling Programs Expedition 364: Drilling the K-Pg Chicxulub impact crater.