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Steffen Saustrup
Steffen Saustrup, UTIG Research Scientist Associate V

Steffen Saustrup

Research Scientist Associate V

Telephone: (512) 471-0442
FAX: (512) 471-0348

Numerous UTIG projects have benefited from Steffen's expertise in seismic data acquisition and processing, making him a valuable asset both in the field and home at UTIG. He has helped many students and staff set up their seismic projects and trouble-shoot problems.

Areas of Expertise
Steffen is intimately familiar with a wide range of field geophysical acquisition methods and instruments, including multichannel seismic, compressors and airguns, CHIRP seismic, and subbottom profiling. Steffen maintains and operates the UTIG hi-resolution seismic system. Steffen has over 20 years experience processing seismic data under a variety of software packages including Paradigm Geophysical's Echos and GeoDepth. Steffen acts as TA for the UTIG Seismic Processing graduate course. Steffen is very familiar with both Schlumberger and Landmark interpretation packages. Additional skills include Fortran, C, and Linux shell programming.

Computer software/languages
Focus, Geoframe, SIOSEIS, GMT, Fortran, csh, Solaris.