Steffen Saustrup Steffen Saustrup

Steffen Saustrup

Research Scientist Associate V

Telephone: (512) 471-0442
FAX: (512) 471-0348

Numerous UTIG projects have benefited from Steffen's expertise in seismic data acquisition and processing, making him a valuable asset both in the field and home at UTIG. He has helped many students and staff set up their seismic projects and trouble-shoot problems. Steffen is the TA for Dr. Stoffa's Data Processing II course.

Areas of Expertise
seismic data acquisition and processing; Focus and SIOSEIS processing and oversight; set-up and maintenance of Geoframe interpretation projects; field technical support; installation and operation of UTIG hi-res seismic system.

Computer software/languages
Focus, Geoframe, SIOSEIS, GMT, Fortran, csh, Solaris.