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GEO 338T/381T - Marine Tectonics

Courses (Co-)Taught By UTIG Researchers

Course Number Course Name Instructor Name(s)
GEO 338T / 381T* Marine Tectonics Nathan Bangs, Gail Christeson, Sean Gulick, Nick Hayman

Tectonic processes within the dynamic Earth, with a focus on oceanic structures. Subjects may include fundamentals of plate tectonics; plate motion, driving forces, and mantle convection; evolution of triple junction and plate margins; plate reconstructions; earthquakes and focal mechanisms; structure and geochemistry of the Earth's interior; mantle structure and tomography; rheology and deformation mechanisms in mantle and crust; heat flow, gravity, the geoid, and paleomagnetism; hotspots and mantle plumes; seafloor spreading and oceanic spreading ridges; oceanic transform faults and fracture zones; and subduction zones, volcanic island arcs, and marginal seas. Only one of the following may be counted: Geological Sciences 338T, 371C (Topic: Tectonics I), 381T, 391 (Topic: Tectonics I). May not be substituted for any required geological sciences course.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing in geological sciences, or graduate standing and consent of instructor.

GEO 338T and GEO 381T MEET Together.

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