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Eric Petersen, graduate student
Eric Petersen, graduate student

Eric Petersen

Graduate Student

email: ericpete at
Office number: 2.254

UTIG supervisor: Dr. Jack Holt

About Eric: Eric Petersen is a first-year PhD student working on Martian lobate debris aprons (LDAs), strange landforms interpreted as massive debris-covered glacier systems. As remnants of past obliquity-driven glacial cycles on Mars, these features are valuable indicators of Amazonian palaeoclimate. Eric's work involves using SHARAD orbital radar sounding data in conjunction with ice flow modeling and geomorphic analysis to provide constraints on LDA formation and history. He is also interested in geophysical studies of debris-covered glaciers and rock glaciers on Earth as possible analogs to Martian LDAs.

SHARAD radargram



At left: SHARAD radargram (top panel) acquired over an LDA in Deuteronilus Mensae, Mars exhibiting a subsurface reflector interpreted as a basal rock-ice interface. Middle panel displays a simulated surface-return radargram, showing that the reflector is not due to radar clutter. Bottom panel displays a top-down view of the radar ground track (yellow line) plotted over CTX and HiRISE imagery of the LDA. Vertical scale is the same for both the real and simulated radargrams, and horizontal scale is the same for all panels. For reference, 3 microseconds radar time corresponds to ~250m ice depth.