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University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Facilities

Multibeam Bathymetry and Sidescan Sonar Systems

wanda the multibeamMultibeam Sonar: Reson Seabat 7101 (aka 'WANDA')

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Sidescan Sonar: Edgetech 272-TD

The Edgetech 272-TD sidescan sonar is a towed instrument that operates at either 100 kHz or 500 kHz.The 272-TD towfish is lightweight enough so that it can be deployed by one person, which makes this system ideal for use from smaller boats or ones where an onboard handling system is not available. The towfish is equipped as standard with EdgeTech’s patented Saf-T-Link recovery system which will prevent the loss of the towfish if it becomes snagged on an obstacle during towing.

We utilize a Coda Geosurvey DA500 acquisition unit (;.  The Coda system triggers the sidescan using standard TTL output, and digitizes the analog return.  Navigation input is via NMEA 0183 data stream through a serial port.  Data are recorded in either CODA, SEGY, XTF or QMIPS format on an internal hard disk, and downloaded via USB 2.0 port to an external hard drive.  Data are displayed real time on a peripheral flat screen with a waterfall plot.

Contact Sean Gulick for more information.