Sea-floor vent, Santa Cruz, CA

Maria-Katerina Nikolinakou

Research Associate

Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2008)
M.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001)
Diploma, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (1999)

Telephone 512-471-0415

Curiculum Vitae in pdf format


Maria-Katerina Nikolinakou is currently a Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, at the University of Texas at Austin. She works for the AGL and GeoFluids consortia.
Maria is a Civil/Geotechnical Engineer. She received her Science Doctorate on Theoretical Soil Mechanics from MIT in 2008.
She holds a M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering from MIT and a Civil Engineering degree from NTUA, Greece.
Before joining the Jackson School, she worked for Shell Exploration and Production on Reservoir Geomechanics.
Her current research topics include:
- Modeling of stresses and pore pressures in sediments bounding salt bodies
- Prediction of stresses and pore pressures at the crest of dipping structures
- Borehole stability
- Poromechanical modeling of basin sediments, including transient pore pressure dissipation
- Geomechanical pore-pressure prediction
- Numerical modeling in salt tectonics.


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