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Recent Additions

  • EN546 - 2014 ENAM preliminary OBS data
  • MGL0812 - 2008 East Pacific Rise survey
  • TN220 - 2008 Hydrate Ridge 3D processed data
  • MGL0905, MGL0906 - 2009 TAIGER legs 1 and 2
  • MGL0814, MGL1109 - 2008 and 2011 MCS Gulf of Alaska
  • EW9707 - 1997 3D MCS East Pacific Rise ARAD
  • MGL1212 - 2012 Cascadia subduction margin
  • More

Google map link

Link to map of seismic data in the Marine Seismic Data Center Gateway to the Marine Seismic Data Center (MSDC), an archive of academic active-source seismic data (SCS, MCS, Chirp, OBS, Sonobuoy and 3.5 kHz), supported by the National Science Foundation. We are partners with the ASP at LDEO.

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